Softer life for us and the generations to come

Tento is made in the unique and sustainable value chain of Metsä Group.

We take care of the forests

We ensure that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests that grow more than they are being used and where biodiversity is preserved. We use raw material wisely.
• Every part of the tree is used as efficiently as possible.
• Almost 90% of the wood used by Metsä is certified and traceable to sustainable sources.

Sustainability in every step of the production

We make sure to take sustainability into account in every step of our production. We optimize the effciency of water and energy usage.
• When it comes to water, it is a case of recycling rather than using: The water used circulates in the production process numerous times.
• We aim to use all the side streams from production. Today already 98% are used.
• We are committed to developing our operations and by 2030 we plan to be fossil-free in our production.

Packaging matters

We are committed to improving the sustainability of our packages. During the past two years, we have been reducing plastics on consumer product packaging foils by 17%. Our goal is to have plastic-free offering by the year of 2030.

Made close to you

All our products are made close to our raw materials and our customers. This is important as it reduces the need for transport and thus reduces CO2 emissions. Local production also supports the local economy and employment. We aim to keep the transport distances to 500 km from our mills.